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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Program, Urban Studies and Planning

University of California at Los Angeles
M.A., Public Administration

University of California at Berkeley
A.B., Political Science



American Planning Association




Mr. Reiner brings more than 25 years of consulting experience to his affiliation with Urban Alternatives. Mr. Reiner, a consulting associate with Urban Alternatives, is a planner and an economic and engineering consultant specializing in community development issues. He is recognized as a specialist in the analysis, planning, and implementation of public infrastructure projects to serve existing and new communities. In this regard, he brings together extensive experience in engineering, planning, and public involvement. His unique capabilities, which reflect a command of both the technical and consensus-building aspects of planning, have enabled complex and controversial general plan, housing, water, sewer, storm drain, and infrastructure planning efforts to go forward based on sound data and an informed public. Mr. Reiner has made these type of contributions on projects for the City of Santa Rosa, California; the County of Sacramento California; and the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District.


Prior to his affiliation with Urban Alternatives, Mr. Reiner served as an independent consultant for fifteen years. His recent projects include a contract with the Alameda County Planning Department to manage a joint effort with the City of Livermore to plan for a 14,000-acre study area north of Livermore’s current city limits. Previous development proposals for this area over the past twenty-five years resulted in contention and litigation among the landowners, the City, and the County. With a settlement agreement signed in July, 1995, planning for this area has begun again. Mr. Reiner’s responsibilities included management of the joint planning team, coordination and oversight of consultant activities, and consensus building with other units of government as well as citizen stakeholders.

Some of his other relevant experience includes:

Project Infrastructure Planning:

Typical projects entail analyses of growth trends, projections of future population and employment growth, and allocations of residential, commercial and industrial land use and obtaining agreement among all key interests about the adequacy of the results.

Recent studies were performed for:

Specialized Environmental and Planning Studies:

Socioeconomic Baseline Studies:

Housing Feasibility Studies:

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